Walking Pft! IO Hawks where it’s at

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I’ve had my run in with Segways and they are fun in an office racetrack kind of way and as ┬áthe evolution of Roller chair Scrambling, But Its time for People to forget the segway it was just a Step on the ladder to this… but um ‘Disclaimer: Not functional with ladders at all’

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Team Fortress 2 The Movie – Live and let Spy

Fan Movies are a joy of creation and love of a game this shines through. TF2 is a relentless torrent of awesome imagination and for a very repetitive game the world built around it keeps me interested.

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Mortal Kombat x – Audio Swap perfection


I love me some system of a down but the MKX Tv spot was screaming out for the old theme tune so of course a redditor came to our ears prayers

‘Read More…’ to check out more of the gameplay



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Game Theorists -Reality Check #1 – RainbowSix SIEGE

Rainbow Size siege blew my socks off in their very choreographed game-play demo’s but even with the simplification gaming makes of life or death situations and the perils and skill needed to do what S.W.A.T. do.

What happens when your idea of gaming comes to face reality hard. MatPat and the Game Theorists have created the show that will explore the frail limitations f our human bodies and teach us more about the games we play.
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What would you like to try for real?

I’d like to try everything in PilotWings myself, Wait, you don’t rememeber pilotwings? philistine…. Its a classic!

Comment with what you’d like to get a reality check on

Game Theorists -Reality Check #1 – RainbowSix SIEGE

Belfast Film Festival to Screen Season 5 Premiere of Game of Thrones

How to Apply:

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Belfast Film Festival to Screen Season 5 Premiere of Game of Thrones

[Video] Ginger Thoughts: Narrative Vs Mechanic Storytelling

Check out Extra credits on http://extra-credits.net/

In response to a pair of Videos from The team @ExtraCreditz and @IdeaChannel i quickly discuss what came to mind regarding the use of Narrative and Mechanical Story telling in games and how they have changed in J-RPG’s over the last 15/20 years Share and comment on the video if you would like to see more posts Like this.

-Derm (DelhiBelly) McG
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