Dead Island Backwards Trailer – Live action


How did i not see this sooner, While deep in Discussion on the benefit of randomly adding zombies to anything and its increasing diminishing returns i stumbled across this piece of stunning.

A shot for shot remake of the backwards Dead island trailer

for details about Dead Island 2 and its recent delay Hit the bump
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Star Wars – The Force Awakens promo posters leaked

Posters which appear to be Promo materials for the new Star Wars movie have been leaked on twitter. A Sith/Trooper focused poster?


I’m not to sure about that but hey i know next to nothing about this movies plot, If this is the poster i definitely have some questions.

Whats your expectations of the Star war’s sequels? By abandoning all the extended universe Canon are you all surprised as well?

More after the bump

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Final Fantasy 14: Now with more sexy visuals

Official FF14 BLog has posted a couple of images of recent DirectX11 Implementation which will be In the Late April Benchmark release in anticipation of the expansion, Suppose its time i moved on from my old gtx 285 😛

it is absolutely gorgeous check the images out after the Bump

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Angel of Death – X-men Apocalypse teasers continue

Angel Being one of the original X-men has a Long history in comicdom. From the original feathered teen we saw in first class to this cybernetic powerhouse Warren Worthington’s life is a long story with back tracks and wandering side plots and romance with some of the most stunning leading ladies of marveldom. Angel has a sense of in-corruptibility and the obvious angelic countenance of hope and peace but his addition here means one thing for sure, its very likely this Angel is ‘Archangel’ an incarnation of the character who with the assistance of Apocalypse, the main villain of this film, augments angels abilities either after a Serious injury or at Warrens request making him one of his horsemen.

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Angel of Death – X-men Apocalypse teasers continue

Minority report is here – VR animation tools

VR Animation tool created by Master’s Thesis students for Aalto University Department of Media Technology.

Features Unity 4.6.1, Oculus Rift DK2 and Leap Motion controller. allowing you to pinch pull and push all controls. Sadly the Animator tool doesn’t output to any other formats and the creator has many notes about its limitations but just looking at the simplicity of control and the finesse capable with the controls i am super impressed.

Will this oculus development lead to Much faster Animation workflows and More individualised simple animations with the ability to modify and interact real time in a sequence.

Look forward to the master hand animations with Smash brothers models soon ;P


Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn is at its End

Heavensward Releases June 2015

With the Oncoming Expansion to Final Fantasy 14 ‘Heavensward’ this could be the best time to get on-board and catch up on all the adventures Eorzea has to share there’s just been a tragic and serious turn in the plot with big changes happening that all feed into the expansions release in June.

With addition of new locations and classes Heavensward Will be continuing the excellent storytelling Final Fantasy is known for while the world grows and changes around you, the changes since my first visit to Eaorzea over a year ago has me shocked. The games world persists and grows with each new story element. in fact i’m not even to sure i should show you the opening movie for the new expansion as it has spoilers of tragedy. click after the Jump to check out the full opening introduction.

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Specific Link for FF14 ARR – Heavensward
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Majora’s Moon Kills Ps Home


So Playstation Ps Home finally closed there on the 31st of march. But a few people rung in the Armageddon by dancing till connection loss, After spotting a video by Platform 32 i thought the most appropriate thing to do was give the Moment a proper send off with a suggestion by Larry Bundy Jr of majora’s Mask – Final Hours.

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Daredevil cometh… – Countdown to Marvel Netflix Series

Lets do a little free association

Daredevil….What do you think of?

Ben Affleck, Jennifer Garner, red leather and the Elektra movie with a general sense of unhappiness…yes?

Well its time to move on Marvelites there’s a New Daredevil launching tomorrow on Netflix and I’m looking forward to it. I have a neat little space in my hero watching since Agent Carter finished so this will do nicely.

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Mortal Kombat X – offical trailer released (S.O.A.D – Chop suey)

It’s out what are you doing? click this video! Watch it!

*Breathing Intensifies*

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Mortal Kombat X – offical trailer released (S.O.A.D – Chop suey)