Pokémon of the week #11

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Scizor, the Pincer Pokémon and the evolved form of Scyther. Scizor’s wings are used to regulate its body temperature, and it intimidates foes by raising its eye-patterned claws high in the air.

Scizor has always been a pretty odd Pokémon with both good and bad points. For starters, its Bug/Steel-typing gives it a handy seven type resistances and one immunity, but also renders it completely helpless against Fire-types. It’s also one of those Pokémon that is just as usable whether Mega Evolved or not, thanks to a decent Ability in Technician, being able to hold items and having access to priority moves like Bullet Punch, a combination which actually lets Scizor hit a lot hard than its Mega Evolution. Despite these minor flaws, Scizor sees a ridiculous amount of usage nowadays and still remains one of my favourites.

A good moveset for Scizor would be:

Ability: Technician (Moves with a base power of 60 or less are boosted in power by 50%.)

Item: Choice Band (Attacks get a 30% boost in power but limits Scizor to using only one move.)


  • Bullet Punch (Priority move that always hits first. Choice Band/Technician-boosted Bullet Punch is absolutely terrifying, and will knock out most weaker threats and Fairy-types in one hit.)
  • U-Turn (Scizor deals damage and then switches for another Pokémon in the party. Handy scouting move and Bug-type STAB)
  • Pursuit (Deals double damage if the opponent is about to switch out. Very handy tactical move that can take out most frail or weaker Psychic-types that are about to switch out on you.)
  • Superpower (Deals damage but lowers Scizor’s Attack and Defence by one stage each. Gives Scizor some much needed coverage against other Steel-types like Ferrothorn and Heatran.

And now we move on to Scizor’s Mega Evolution – Mega Scizor.


When Mega Scizor was first introduced, people everywhere asked each other, “what’s the point?” It doesn’t change type, it doesn’t get a new Ability – all it had were increased stats, and being perfectly honest, Choice Band or Life Orb Scizor can still hit harder than Mega Scizor. However, what Scizor lacks is bulk, and Mega Scizor has plenty of that, with a whopping 140 base Defence and a very solid 100 base Special Defence. So while it can’t hit as hard as its normal form, it’ll certainly last a bit longer.

A moveset to run with Mega Scizor would have to be:

Ability: Technician

Item: Scizorite (enables Mega Evolution)


  • Defog (clears the field of entry hazards like Stealth Rock and Toxic Spikes, which is always handy)
  • Roost (restores up to half of Mega Scizor’s max HP. Very usable with Mega Scizor’s bulk enabling it to replenish health and then hit the enemy)
  • Bullet Punch (Same reason as above – hit first and hit hard)
  • U-Turn (Great for scouting and with the added defence Mega Scizor can scout for longer too)

Do you have any ideas for Scizor or its Mega Evolution? Leave it in the comments!


Pokémon of the week #11

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