Pokémon of the week #10


Azumarill, the Aqua Rabbit Pokémon and the evolved form of Marill. Azumarill’s ears are superb sensors that can distinguish the movements of different objects in water and determine what they are.

Back in the glory days of Red and Blue, rumours of secret Pokémon were constantly whispered between fans, one of which was the coveted Pikablue. While a blue version of Pikachu never surfaced, in Generation 2 we were gifted with Marill and its evolution, Azumarill, and it sort of fulfilled the wishes of people who wanted a blue Pikachu. Sadly, back then, Azumarill was nothing special whatsoever. It was slow, it was weak, and it could just barely take a hit. However, Gen 6 brought Azumarill something that turned it from a useless rabbit into the stuff that many Pokémon’s nightmares are made of – Fairy-typing.

Being the first Fairy-type to grace our Pokémon of the Week entries, Azumarill is a unique Water and Fairy-type, which is possibly the best overall typing in the game. Only a handful of Pokémon can safely switch into Azumarill and even fewer stand a chance of taking the tanky rabbit down. Granted, its Speed is lacking, but Azumarill’s typing, ability and movepool more than make up for it. Azumarill may be cute, but it’s a complete powerhouse.

A good moveset for Azumarill has to be:

Ability: Huge Power (the power of the Pokémon’s attacks is doubled. Need I say more?)

Item: Choice Band (Raises Attack power but only allows the use of one move)


  • Aqua Jet – Water-type STAB and Azumarill’s only priority move (a move that always strikes first). Very useful as it makes up for Azumarill’s poor Speed and can OHKO any offensive foes weak to it.
  • Play Rough – Inflicts damage and has a 10% chance of lowering the opponent’s Attack by one stage. This will OHKO most Dragon-types foolish enough to go against Azumarill and also take a handy chunk out of anything defensive enough to try and withstand it.
  • Superpower – deals damage and lowers the user’s Attack and Defence by one stage. This will absolutely murder any Steel-types who try to give Azumarill trouble, Ferrothorn in particular.
  • Waterfall – secondary Water-type STAB. Deals damage and has a 30% chance of making the opponent flinch. With the Attack boost from Huge Power, Waterfall is a solid power move that will take out threats such as Skarmory, Landorus, Hippowdon and Forretress without much effort.

Got any suggestions for every’s favourite rabbit of the water? Leave it in the comments!


Pokémon of the week #10

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