The Mad Titan Vs The Merc With A Mouth


This June, the fight of the century will be upon us as Deadpool and Thanos go head to head in Deadpool Vs Thanos #1. Written by Tim Seeley (Death of Wolverine: The Logan Legacy), with art by Elmo Bondoc (Ms. Marvel) and covers by Trad Moore (All-New Ghost Rider), this is sure to be a spectacle of combat like no other.

We all know their stories – human mutate Deadpool is a fourth wall-breaking antihero who has a bigger mouth than the shark in Jaws, and Thanos is the Titan who turns bejewelled gloves into the most powerful (and fashionable) weapons in the Marvel universe.


So why are they fighting each other? Well, unknown to many, Thanos and Deadpool actually share an ex-girlfriend in none other than Lady Death, and when her mysterious disappearance causes everyone in the universe to stop dying, both of her old flames take an interest.

If the Mad Titan and the Merc With A Mouth can ever hope to find their old girlfriend and restore balance to the cosmos, they’re going to have to do something unthinkable – work together. Because that is going to end soooo well…..

Can the pair end their hatred of each other, if only temporarily? Or is Thanos planning to finally let Deadpool kick the bucket once and for all? Find out in Deadpool Vs Thanos #1!

Deadpool Vs Thanos #1 will be on sale in comic book shops on June 24th, 2015.

The Mad Titan Vs The Merc With A Mouth

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