Pokémon of the week #8


Gyarados, the Atrocious Pokémon and the evolved form of Magikarp. Huge and vicious, an angry Gyarados is capable of destroying an entire city.

Gyarados has always been a fan favourite, and for good reason. Back in the early days of Red, Blue, Yellow and Green, Gyarados was one of the strongest Pokémon around, and it received extra love from users who bought the pathetically weak Magikarp in the Pokémon Center at Mt. Moon. Look at it – who expected this awesome sea serpent to evolve from the fish who could do nothing but splash around? Evolution granted Gyarados a lot when it comes to power, and it’s remained pretty much the same since Generation I, until Generation VI granted it a Mega Evolution that made it even stronger. With great Attack power and fantastic coverage that leaves other Water-types seething with jealousy, Gyarados is a force to be reckoned with even before it Mega Evolves. Unless you have an Electric-type handy, you won’t walk away from Gyarados unscathed.

A good moveset for Gyarados would be:

Ability: Intimidate (Lowers the opponents Attack by one stage when Gyarados enters the battle. Considering that Gyarados’ physical Defence is a little lacking, this is handy as it lets the serpent take a few more hits.)

Item: Life Orb (Trades 10% of Gyarados’ HP every turn for a 30% boost in power. Makes Gyarados even scarier but watch out for the recoil.)


  • Dragon Dance – Boosts Gyarados’ Attack and Speed by one stage each. One of the best boosting moves in the game that lets Gyarados outspeed more opponents and kicks its sheer power up even higher.
  • Waterfall – Gyarados’ best physical Water-type STAB move, which hits extremely hard (especially in rain) and carries a nifty 30% chance of making the opponent flinch.
  • Earthquake – Gyarados has a serious problem when it comes to Electric-types (that problem being it suffers from a dreadful 4x weakness to Electric attacks), so Earthquake is the perfect way to deal with them, along with providing handy coverage against other opponents.
  • Iron Head – decent physical Steel-type move that a lot of people won’t expect, and also has a handy chance of causing flinching.

And now we move onto Gyarados’ Mega Evolution – Mega Gyarados.


When Gyarados first appeared, much like Charizard, everyone wanted it to be a Dragon-type, and they were sorely disappointed when they learned that Gyarados was instead a Water/Flying type. With Mega Evolution, everyone expected Gyarados to finally become a Dragon-type, albeit temporarily. Once again, though, they were disappointed when Mega Gyarados gained the Dark-type, which is almost equally as useless to it as its normal form’s Flying-type. However, Mega Evolution grants Gyarados some very useful stat boosts that make its Defence acceptable, its Special Defence very decent and its Attack bordering on ridiculous.

A good moveset for Mega Gyarados would be:

  • Rest – Mega Gyarados sleeps for two turns and regains its maximum HP. It leaves Mega Gyarados a little vulnerable, but thanks to it’s bulk, it can take hits well enough to survive and strike back.
  • Sleep Talk – Randomly selects one of Mega Gyarados’ moves and uses it while Mega Gyarados is asleep. There is a chance that it will select Rest again, which will fail, but Mega Gyarados can last due to its Defence boosts.
  • Dragon Dance – with this, Mega Gyarados’ Attack will be boosted into levels of sheer lunacy, setting it up to strike back if its asleep, or getting ready to sweep an opposing team.
  • Waterfall – again, Mega Gyarados’ best physical Water-type move, and with the Attack boost from Mega Evolution along with the boosts from Dragon Dance….this set will destroy many a team.

Do you have any ideas for Gyarados’ moves? Or a suggestion for next week’s entry? Leave them in the comments!


Pokémon of the week #8

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