Villains we’d love to see in the next Spider-Man movie


With the news that came out a few months ago, that Marvel has reclaimed the rights to Spider-Man, and that they’d be rebooting the franchise (again, after the less-than-warm reception of The Amazing Spider-Man 2), tongues started to wag and minds started to race as people wondered who would be the next actor to don the iconic red and blue tights. With word on the street being that Asa Butterfield is going to be the next Spider-Man, the next question people are asking is: who will he be going up against? Which villain will we see Spidey pitted against in a life-or-death situation? With that in mind, here are a few villains that we’d love to see in the next Spider-Man movie.

And just a heads up, this list is being kept to villains that haven’t been seen on-screen yet. So while we would love to see Venom as a symbiote monster rather than Topher Grace with fangs, he doesn’t make the cut this time.


And onto the main event:



Mysterio made his debut in 1964’s Amazing Spider-Man #13. Real name Quentin Beck (although the later versions of the character were not Beck, but others who had taken up his mantle), Mysterio was once a special effect expert working for a Hollywood studio, who later came to see his work as a dead-end job, and realised that his skills with illusions could make him quite the supervillain. The reason we’d like to see Mysterio hit the big screen is that most of the members of Spidey’s rogues gallery that we’ve seen (Green Goblin, Dr. Octopus, Sandman and the Lizard) have all been villains that rely on brute force to take out Spider-Man, so it’d be interesting to get a look at what sort of trickery and mind games that Mysterio would employ against the web-slinger, rather than just beating the snot out of him.

The Vulture


Much like with Mysterio, there have been multiple incarnations of the Vulture, but the best-known of them is the elderly Adrian Toomes. Toomes was once a genius electrical engineer who developed a flight harness that granted the wearer artificial wings and superhuman strength (along with the ability to steal life force from others), but turned to a life of crime after discovering that his business partner had been embezzling funds from their work. The Vulture is one villain whose personal life has been shown more than most, especially his relationships with the Parker family (he indirectly caused the death of Nathan Lubensky, the new love of Aunt May’s life – whom Toomes had become friends with). It would also be interesting to see his dynamic as a villain, as without his Vulture suit, Toomes is nothing more than a frail old man who isn’t even a match for climbing the stairs on his own, let alone besting Spider-Man.

Kraven The Hunter


Spider-Man normally spends time seeking out the villains himself, but in those instances where the bad guy decides to go looking for him, the chances are that it’s Kraven the Hunter. The son of a Russian aristocrat who came to the USA in 1917, Sergei Kravinoff is a maniacal game hunter who seeks to prove himself as the world’s greatest hunter by taking down the most elusive of prey – Spider-Man. Unlike other humans, Kraven passes on the use of weapons and prefers to take down his prey with his bare hands and relies on a mystical serum that increases his strength and drastically slows his body’s aging process. He’s another villain who relies on brute strength to take out Spider-Man, but it would be very interesting to see Kraven turning New York City into his personal concrete jungle as he searches ol’ web-head out.



And here we have a nasty piece of work altogether (and, personally, my favourite Spider-Man villain). Carnage is the result of the offspring of the Venom symbiote merging with Cletus Kasady, a psychopathic serial killer and sadist who has committed atrocities such as murdering his grandmother, torturing and killing his mother’s dog, pushing a girl who laughed at him when he asked her out in front of a bus and burning down the orphanage where he was raised. During his years at the orphanage, Kasady began to see life as meaningless and laws as only words, considering mass murder to be the ultimate freedom. Whilst incarcerated in Ryker’s Island, the offspring of the Venom symbiote bonded with Kasady through a cut and entered his bloodstream, creating the crimson force of death known as Carnage (which he wrote on walls with his own blood each time he committed a murder). Stronger than both Spider-Man and Venom combined, Carnage can be considered Marvel’s answer to the Joker, and while Venom would have to brought back into the films for Carnage’s introduction to make sense (hopefully with a better actor this time), seeing the dynamics of Spider-Man and Venom making an uneasy and desperate truce to take Carnage down would be a breath of fresh air in the Spider-Man franchise, and with Carnage’s killing sprees, it would allow the films to take a much darker route than they had before.

Is there a villain you’d love to see Spidey going toe-to-toe with in the next film? Give them a shout out in the comments!


Villains we’d love to see in the next Spider-Man movie

2 thoughts on “Villains we’d love to see in the next Spider-Man movie

  1. The look of the first two Spiderman movies was awful. At no point in either was I getting the fun of reading the early Spiderman comics.

    Actually, if they are going to re-boot again, I would hope they entirely change the style to a retro-cool early 1960s template.

    In much the same way the Burton Batman movies were made into a 1940s film noir style , I think that movie makers should look at the ORIGINAL Spiderman comic from 1962 and try to re-create that world.

    Mad Men is over, but the era’s look and feel could still be mined in a retro-style Spiderman universe.
    Make sense?


  2. The article really isn’t about the reboot in itself, rather the potential villains people would like to see in it. I get your point and you do make sense with what you’re saying but the point I was trying to make is that there are several villains that haven’t yet gotten the spotlight, rather than just talking about what should be done with the reboot.


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