Pokémon of the week #7


Greninja, the Ninja Pokémon and the evolved form of Frogadier. Greninja creates throwing stars from compressed water, which are sharp enough to split metal plates in two.

Out of the fully evolved forms of the Generation 6 starters, Greninja is my favourite. I tend to choose the reptilian-based starter from each Generation (Charmander, Totodile, Treecko, Turtwig and Snivy), but considering there was no reptile in Gen 6, I went with Froakie, the closest thing. And I’m glad I did – I mean, just look at Greninja, for one thing. It’s a badass ninja frog and it’s also the first Dark-type starter Pokémon, which I’ve been anticipating for a while.

But there are a couple of factors aside the aesthetics that set Greninja several rungs higher than the other Water-type starters – and a lot of other Water-types in general. Firstly, it’s blisteringly fast – base 122 Speed is incredible, and because of it, Greninja has robbed Sceptile of having the highest Speed out of any fully evolved starter.

But the biggest reason to use Greninja is its unbelievable Ability, Protean. This Ability changes Greninja’s type into the type of whatever move it uses (e.g; if Greninja uses Blizzard, it becomes an Ice-type), meaning it gets a STAB boost from everything. This is one of the best offensive Abilities in the game, and lets Greninja laugh at opponents that could usually give it trouble, such as Ferrothorn and Latias. And, don’t forget the tongue scarf. That’s pretty impressive too.

A good moveset for Greninja would be:

Ability: Protean (Changes Greninja’s type to that of the move it uses)

Item: Life Orb (Attacks get a 30% boost in power but Greninja loses 10% of its HP every turn)


  • Hydro Pump/Surf (both strong and reliable Water-type STABs. Hydro Pump is more powerful, but Surf has better accuracy)
  • Ice Beam (When boosted by Protean and Life Orb, Ice Beam has terrifying power and will murder Grass-types that threaten Greninja, along with the majority of Dragon-types, in a single hit)
  • Dark Pulse (Hits counters like Tentacruel, Aegislash and Gengar relatively hard, provides nice coverage and has a very handy 30% chance of makin the opponent flinch)
  • Hidden Power [Fire] (Hidden Power Fire will absolutely destroy bulky Steel-types like Skarmory and Ferrothorn, who can usually endure Greninja’s attacks)

Do you have any suggestions for Greninja’s moveset? Or a suggestion for next week’s entry? Leave it in the comments!


Pokémon of the week #7

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