Get weird in your new look at Weirdworld #1

Coming to you this June from the minds of blockbuster writer Jason Aaron (Star Wars, Thor) and celebrated comic artist Mike Del Mundo (All-New X-Men, Elektra) is your first look at Weirdworld, the most dangerous corner of Battleworld.


In a land of gods and monsters where perverted science and arcane magic run rampant, Weirdworld is a place that belongs to lost things. Amidst the swords, sorcery and all thing bizarre, Arkon, the barbarian king, must travel through this place of dark magic and darker deeds in order to find his way home.


However, each turn in the road brings a new nightmare to face, and Arkon, with a sword in one hand and a battle bolt in the other, will have to face each one and survive the Secret Wars before he can get back to his homeland safely.

Will he make it? Or is he doomed to forever be a lost man in a lost world? You’ll have to find out by reading Weirdworld #1!

 Weirdworld #1 will be in comic book shops in June 2015.

Get weird in your new look at Weirdworld #1

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