New look at Marvel Zombies #1


From the mind of Simon Spurrier (X-Force, X-Men Legacy) comes a brand-new look at the shambling, decomposing, insatiable versions of our favourite Marvel Heroes. That’s right, Marvel Zombies is back on the shelves this June, and this time, they face a new opponent!

Alice from the Resident Evil franchise has absolutely nothing on Elsa Bloodstone, one of the most fearsome and skilled monster hunters that Battleworld has ever seen. Elsa’s task is to keep the zombie hordes that roam the south of Battleworld from breaking in and devouring everyone in sight.


Day in and day out, Elsa fights against the undead, knowing that if she makes a single mistake, all hell will break loose, and if she sets foot among the zombies, it means certain death. Until, among the undead mob, her eyes fall upon a living human child – so she throws herself into their midst.

And now that she’s in, Elsa is going to have to fight her way out. Can one woman stand against relentless hordes of ravenous zombies? You’ll have to read Marvel Zombies #1 to find out!


Marvel Zombies #1 will be in comic book shops in June 2015.

New look at Marvel Zombies #1

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