Marvel reveals identity of female Thor


Spoiler alert!

The identity of the female Thor currently wielding Mjolnir in the pages of Jason Aaron’s Thor series has been revealed.

As Thor #8 will detail, the all-new God of Thunder is none other than his previous love interest from the Silver Age, Jane Foster. She and Thor have not pursued a romantic relationship in recent years, but have remained close friends.

Foster, however, is currently fighting breast cancer, which will make up an integral part of her storyline as Thor. As explained by Aaron in an interview, whenever Jane puts the hammer down, she will revert back to her mortal, cancer-ridden form.

images (1)

Fans will appreciate this reference to the original Thor series, when the son of Odin maintained a secret identity as Donald Blake, a disabled doctor.

How exactly Foster became worthy to wield the power of Thor, and how Thor himself lost his worthiness, has not been revealed, but more details are sure to come with the release of Thor #8.

What are your thoughts on this revelation? Leave it in the comments!

Marvel reveals identity of female Thor

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