Nintendo’s newest console could work everywhere in the world


Nintendo have always made great consoles, whether that means the humble Gameboy, the Wii or the DS, but they’ve all suffered from the same problem – the consoles and games have always been region-locked, meaning that a Japanese game couldn’t be played on an Irish Wii.

This can be a pain for a number of reasons, for example; the release dates of certain games are often staggered around the world (i.e, they come out on different dates in different countries).

However, early news on Nintendo’s latest console, codenamed the NX, has suggested that it will be the first console to be region-free from the launch date.


Speaking at an inventory Q&A, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata said:

“Regarding NX, given the customer feedback and proposals from the market, while nothing has been decided yet, we’re currently investigating internally what problems there would be in realising it. You can think of that as the current situation. I understand your desire, so I’d like to look at it optimistically going forward.”

This isn’t set-in-stone confirmation, but it sounds a lot like Nintendo is coming around to the idea of an open market for games.

The NX, as it has been tentatively called, is likely to be released in 2016.

Nintendo’s newest console could work everywhere in the world

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