Marvel characters who could die in Captain America: Civil War

Now that Avengers: Age Of Ultron has hit cinemas, the next most-talked about movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is undoubtedly Captain America: Civil War. The film adaptation of the 2006 story by Mark Millar, Civil War will see the heroes of the MCU fighting against each other over the passing of the Superhuman Registration Act.


Featuring a diverse line-up of heroes that includes Captain America and Iron Man (who lead the two opposing groups of characters that support and oppose the Superhuman Registration Act), Civil War will have a huge impact on the MCU – particularly after it was reported that there would be a funeral scene in the film. The question is: whose funeral?

There are a number of characters that could possibly bite the dust, but below are three that we think are the ones who are most likely to die, and set up the tone of the film. And of course, spoilers ahead.

Peggy Carter


Agent Carter has lived a long and prosperous life, with several impressive deeds to her name. She fought alongside Captain America in World War 2, she stopped a madman from detonating a weapon over New York City, and she was a founding member of S.H.I.E.L.D. But despite her heroic actions, we saw in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Peggy isn’t in great shape these days, either physically or mentally. Given the fact that she’s well into her 90’s by now, it wouldn’t be altogether unreasonable to assume that somewhere towards the beginning of Civil War, Peggy finally passes away. She’s already died within the Marvel Comics continuity, and her death would be a huge blow to Steve Rogers, who would be deeply affected by the death of his first (and perhaps only) love.



After acting as a mindless minion of Loki for most of The Avengers, Hawkeye finally got his chance to shine in Avengers: Age of Ultron, with more character development and much better action scenes, and at the end, he decided to retire from Earth’s Mightiest Heroes so that he could be with his family. That could be a nice goodbye for ol’ Clint, but given that Tony Stark continued being Iron Man after the events of Iron Man 3, it’s entirely possible that Hawkeye could show up again in Civil War – which could possibly prove fatal for him.There will more than likely be an event involving the Avengers that leads to the passing of the Superhuman Registration Act, during which Hawkeye could meet his maker, which could provide the incident that divides the team. After it was continuously hinted in Age of Ultron that Hawkeye would die, Quicksilver was the one who took the bullet (so to speak), so killing Hawkeye in Civil War would be both shocking and a nice touch for fans who expected him to die in Age of Ultron.

Pepper Potts


There have been a fair few big names announced for Captain America: Civil War, but Pepper Potts isn’t among them. She hasn’t been seen since Iron Man 3, although in Avengers: Age of Ultron, Tony Stark mentioned that she was busy running Stark Enterprises. But when you consider just how important Iron Man is to the events of Civil War, it will be a surprise if Pepper doesn’t make an appearance, and more importantly,if she doesn’t die as a result of a supervillain’s actions or even as collateral damage. Pepper’s death could be the perfect catalyst to spur Tony Stark into his support of the Superhuman Registration Act. Stark’s outlook on life has changed drastically since his first appearance in Iron Man, all thanks to Pepper, and if she died, it may be what pushes Stark further towards making sure that all superhumans be held accountable for their actions.

Do you have an idea of who could bite the big one in Captain America: Civil War or any other upcoming Marvel films? Leave it in the comments!

Captain America: Civil War will be released in cinemas on May 6th, 2016.


Marvel characters who could die in Captain America: Civil War

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