Tom Hardy wants to Punish you

No, ladies – this isn’t a story about how Tom Hardy has expressed his interest in doing something that I can’t really mention here because you’ve been a naughty girl.


In fact, the star of Mad Max: Fury Road, which was released in cinemas on May 7th, has stated that he would love to do another superhero film – and this time, he wants to don the Punisher’s iconic skull t-shirt.

“I want the Punisher,” Hardy said. “Or Splinter Cell…I want something, I don’t know what.”

Hardy, whose last comic book venture was playing Bane in The Dark Knight Rises, then joked that at 5’9″, he might not be tall enough to play Frank Castle, which could prevent him from getting the role, but the character’s name suits him.

“Frank Castle, I’d love it.” Hardy said.


The Punisher has been brought to the big screen twice – once in 2004, played by Thomas Jane in The Punisher, and again in 2008 in Punisher War Zone, where he was portrayed by Ray Stevenson.

Think Tom Hardy would make a better Punisher than he did Bane? Will the skull t-shirt suit him better than the famous mask? Leave your thoughts in the comments!


Tom Hardy wants to Punish you

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