Pokémon of the Week #6

Bisharp, the Sword Blade Pokémon and the evolved form of Pawniard. Bisharp leads packs of Pawniard in taking down prey, moving in to strike the finishing blow itself.

Good ol’ Bisharp. For starters, just look at it. It has one of the single coolest designs of any Pokémon, not just the ones that were given to us in Gen V. The thing is a knight made out of blades, and a unique Dark/Steel-type to boot, which are pretty much the coolest types in the series. And the positives don’t end there. When Bisharp was first introduced in Gen V, it was average at best. Now though, thanks to Knock Off getting a boost in power, combined with Bisharp’s fantastic Ability in Defiant, Bisharp got riDONKulously strong. It’s not without its faults, though – Fighting-types will ruin Bisharp thanks to its glaring 4x weakness to Fighting-type moves, and its poor HP, Defence and Speed make it a total glass cannon. Having said that, Bisharp is not something to underestimate if you’re not running a Fighting-type, as if this thing hits you, you’re already dead.

An ideal moveset for Bisharp would be:

Ability – Defiant (Attack is raised by two stages whenever another stat is lowered by the opponent, through Abilities/moves like Intimidate or Defog. Bisharp’s huge Attack power only getting higher? Yes please.)

Item – Blackglasses (Raises the power of Dark-type moves)

Moves –

  • Swords Dance (Raises Bisharp’s Attack power by two stages. Provided you invest in its Defences a little, Bisharp should survive long enough to boost itself up, then hit hard.)
  • Knock Off (Causes damage and removes the opponent’s held Item. Goes great with Bisharp’s Attack power and no one likes the threat of having their Items removed either)
  • Sucker Punch (Priority move that causes damage if the opponent is planning to attack in the next turn. Gets a nice little boost from the Blackglasses and can mess with opponents who outspeed Bisharp.)
  • Iron Head (Reliable Steel-type STAB with a handy 30% chance of making the opponent flinch.)

Have you got any ideas for those Trainers who laugh as their opponent runs in fear from Bisharp’s blades? Or do you have a suggestion for next week’s entry? Leave it in the comments!


Pokémon of the Week #6

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