Pokémon of the week #5

Ampharos, the Light Pokémon and the evolved form of Flaaffy. The light on Ampharos’ tail shines so brightly that it is often used by lighthouse workers to show seafarers the way home.

I always found that there were certain Pokémon in the Johto region that just couldn’t be used no matter what. As much as I loved Gold, Silver and Crystal, I tended to pass over a few of the monsters that came with that generation. However, Ampharos was not one of them. Raising a cute little Mareep from level 5 was tough at times, but hey, the end result was worth it. Ampharos has a great design, looks freakin’ adorable, and can hold up well against opponents – unlike most other Electric-types, Ampharos has enough bulk to take hits very well, which makes up for its somewhat bad Speed. It’s base Special Attack stat of 115 is also extremely usable, and when you put that together with its great movepool, Ampharos becomes an unexpected powerhouse that not many people expect to see. which can be used to any Trainer’s advantage – and that’s without adding its Mega Evolution to the mix.

A good moveset for Ampharos would be:

Ability: Static – the opponent has a 30% chance of being paralyzed when it uses a move that makes physical contact with Ampharos. This is really handy if there’s something that can outspeed Ampharos on the field, as the Speed drop from Paralysis can bring the opponent down to Ampharos slow level.

Item: Life Orb – Ampharos’ attacks get a 30% boost in power but it loses 10% of its HP every turn. A stronger attack is always useful, especially on a powerhouse like Ampharos but watch out for the recoil.


  • Volt Switch (Inflicts damage on the opponent then switches Ampharos out. Scouting is always fun to mess with the opponent, and with Ampharos’ bulk, it can do this for a while.)
  • Hidden Power [Ice] (Useful against Ground-types, which are Ampharos’ only weakness)
  • Focus Blast (Powerful Special coverage, and can also work against Rock-and-Ground-types that will give Ampharos trouble. Watch out for low accuracy.)
  • Thunderbolt (Reliable Electric Special STAB which also gives Ampharos a further chance to paralyze the opponent.)

And here we have Ampharos’ Mega Evolution – Mega Ampharos.

Ampharos’ Mega Evolution gains something that makes it extremely scary indeed – Dragon-typing. It was always decent before Generation VI came along, but when it was granted a Mega Evolution, Ampharos became one of the best Electric-types around. It’s Speed got lowered, granted, but this makes it absolutely perfect for Trick Room teams. Both of its Defence Stats received a boost, making it even bulkier, and best of all, its Special Attack was raised by a whopping 50 points above the original, making this electric dragon/sheep hybrid a force that very few people will want to reckon with. And seriously, just look at that hair.

A good moveset for Mega Ampharos would be:

Ability: Mold Breaker [Static on Ampharos] (ignores the effects of Abilities that could potentially affect the damage or effects of a move that its user executes.)

Item: Ampharosite (Enables Mega Evolution)


  • Dragon Pulse (Special Dragon-type STAB that is very seldom resisted apart from Fairy- and Steel-types, so this is a very decent option.)
  • Volt Switch (Same as before – scouting is always fun, and after Ampharos Mega Evolves it gets a good bit stronger.)
  • Focus Blast (Good for coverage and can also help a great deal against Excadrill and Steelix, which are two very common counters to Mega Ampharos.)
  • Power Gem (another coverage option that can hit very hard thanks to Mega Ampharos’ titanical Special Attack.)

Do you have any other options for this adorably fluffy powerhouse? Or a suggestion for next week’s entry? Leave it in the comments!


Pokémon of the week #5

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