Pokemon Of The Week #4

Bronzong, the Bronze Bell Pokémon and the evolved form of Bronzor. Ancient people of the Sinnoh region believed that praying to a Bronzong would bring rain to make their crops grow.

Oh, Bronzong. How the mighty have fallen. From it’s introduction in Pokémon Diamond, Pearl and Platinum, Bronzong was seen on many teams, with many Trainers desiring the bulk and support it provided, along with it’s fantastic Steel/Psychic typing. Bronzong was also unpredictable – its abilities each nullify one of its weaknesses, providing endless fun with the mind games Bronzong could provide for one’s opponent. Will it only take half damage from Fire-type attacks, thanks to Heatproof? Or will Levitate grant it total immunity to Ground attacks? With those abilities and a good movepool, Bronzong was a total beast…..right up until Generation 6 (X/Y) altered type mechanics, making Dark and Ghost-type attacks neutrally effective against Steel-types. And sadly, thanks to Bronzong’s secondary Psychic-type, this granted it another two, fairly common weaknesses that can completely overpower it, which pretty much destroyed it’s usability.

It’s not all bad news for the Bronze Bell Pokémon, though – it still retains nine resistances and one immunity, along with considerable bulk, so it can still wall many Pokémon. And coupled with its woeful Speed, Bronzong can work magic in a Trick Room team.

A good movepool that Bronzong can utilise is:

Ability: Levitate (makes the user immune to Ground-type attacks) – this is better than Heatproof as immunity wins out over resistance any day of the week.

Item: Leftovers (gradually restores the holder’s HP every turn) – give Bronzong that little bit more bulk.


  • Toxic – badly poisons the opponent. This can chip away at the enemy’s health quite nicely (provided they aren’t another Steel-type), which is very handy considering that Bronzong’s offensive stats are passable at best.
  • Stealth Rock – entry hazard that deals Rock-type damage to any Pokémon that switches in. Great for Bronzong as Stealth Rock can quickly ruin any Fire-types that may be seeking to ruin Bronzong with a quick Flare Blitz (I’m looking at you, Talonflame).
  • Gyro Ball – the faster the opponent is than the user, the more damage this move does. Gyro Ball is a good Steel-type STAB move, and considering it works based on Speed, a slow Pokémon like Bronzong can do wonders with this move.
  • Earthquake – standard coverage move. Powerful and very useful against Fire-types, provided Bronzong can resist their attacks enough to use it. But with Bronzong’s bulk, this won’t be a problem.

Got any suggestions for a competitive Bronzong, or a suggestion for next week? Leave it in the comments!


Pokemon Of The Week #4

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