Dead Island Backwards Trailer – Live action


How did i not see this sooner, While deep in Discussion on the benefit of randomly adding zombies to anything and its increasing diminishing returns i stumbled across this piece of stunning.

A shot for shot remake of the backwards Dead island trailer

for details about Dead Island 2 and its recent delay Hit the bump

Dead Island 2 is supposed to have entered a public beta test at this point with added to a 30 day exclusivity period on PlayStation 4 has lead many to speculate that the Release Date is pushed to September of this year no public tweets since February and no confirmation yet of this change but Is the Zombie horde passing us by, Was dying light a bit to much against Dead island 2 that it’s possible we may not see a continuation of the franchise, The last Escape from Dead island wasn’t very well received and the land of the dead could be a tapped resource or at least super over exposed to saturation. Maybe its time for life sims again instead of survival.

Are you still preparing your A.W.O.L. bag and eying up all the pointy things for weapons?

Comment and let us know DO you need another zombie survival game and what could they add to draw you back in?


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