Final Fantasy 14: Now with more sexy visuals

Official FF14 BLog has posted a couple of images of recent DirectX11 Implementation which will be In the Late April Benchmark release in anticipation of the expansion, Suppose its time i moved on from my old gtx 285 😛

it is absolutely gorgeous check the images out after the Bump

The DirectX11 support was previously Reported but I’ve been looking forward to A Closer to release implementation and seeing some more End results this is the video from december last year

Blog is in Japanese so use Chrome Auto translate (Right click – Translate this page)


These 2 images of comparison were posted today to show us how shiny everything CAN be. Now i’m sure its all wallpaper for people looking to keep their game running lighhtning fast but this is going to look amazing in the continuing story in Heavensward



Getting More hyped for this release! Wooohoo!


Oh Wait you don’t know what Direct X is?

Let Me wiki that for you.


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