Brutal Movie Scenes That Will Scar You For Life


Nowadays, the world of modern horror movies has become over-loaded with either crappy ‘found-footage’ films, stories that are apparently based on true events (what isn’t these days) or movies that rely on excessive violence and gore to achieve scares.

Normally, horror fans take the gore with a pinch of salt, as it’s something to expect when enjoying a horror film. But now and again, there’ll be one or two scenes that will be so mercilessly violent, they’ll stay in your head while you try in vain to get some sleep after viewing them, with a basin just beside the bed in case the memories make you physically sick. Let’s take a look.

They got off on the wrong foot – Audition


Japanese director Takashi Miike gave us new meaning to the term ‘bad romance’ altogether when he brought us his psychological horror tale of a lonely widower, Shigeharu Aoyama, who holds ‘auditions’ for women who might want to become his new wife. The winner, a woman named Asami Yamazaki, initially appears to be mysterious and enchanting, but she’s soon revealed to be a psychopath who has become obsessed with keeping Aoyama for herself. She kidnaps and tortures him, revealing she cannot tolerate his affection for anyone else, even his own son, before she inserts needles into his eyes and cuts off his left foot with piano wire. The worst part? She takes an almost childlike glee in the whole twisted exercise. Which, in case you didn’t know, is a lengthy exercise, as cutting off someone’s foot with piano wire would take a long time. A whole new level of bunny-boiler.

He bit off more than he could chew – American History X

Fair enough, this scene from the critically-acclaimed story of reformed Neo-Nazis and ruthless racism and indoctrination isn’t it’s not exactly gruesome, but I’m including it for two simple reasons. The first; because it’s so shockingly realistic, most of us can look out of the window now and see a footpath just like the one in this scene, used in such a shocking manner that most of us who have seen American History X simply cannot get it out of our heads. The second; because it’s so unflinchingly brutal, yet entirely simplistic. Beautifully shot in black and white, symbolising the heavy racial themes throughout the film, the camera cuts away just as Derek Vinyard (Edward Norton) stamps on the back of a black would-be burglar’s neck, but we know what’s happened, and the sickening crunching sound of the man’s face crushing against the curb will stay with anyone. Don’t watch this while eating Jawbreakers.

The Lord be with you – The Passion of the Christ


Putting violence aside for a moment, anyone who has the stones to say that The Passion of the Christ is not a torture porn movie, but rather, a biopic or biblical movie, is talking seven shades of the stuff that comes out of my dog when he gets at my leftovers from a Sunday roast. This is not a biopic, it’s a straight-up gorefest and just another thinly-veiled method for Mel Gibson to express his hatred of Jewish people. Remind yourself – what religion was Jesus? And who are the torturers in this film? Anyway – the hardest point of this film to watch is easily the Scourging At The Pillar, during which, as all of us know, Jesus is flayed by Roman soldiers. I get that this film is supposed to be an accurate representation of the torture and pain suffered by Christ during and after his crucifixion, but it’s done in so graphic and bloody a manner that even the strongest of stomachs will churn at every moment. Is it a biblical movie? Sure it is. But at the heart of it is a movie that FOCUSES SOLELY on one man getting horrifically beaten and tortured. That, my friends, is the VERY definition of torture porn – not just the scourging scene, but the whole bloody (pun intended) film.

Is there a particular scene in film that makes your stomach churn like butter? Leave it in the comments, and don’t forget to like and share!


Brutal Movie Scenes That Will Scar You For Life

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