Guitar Hero returns after five years

Activision has announced that it’s once-peerless series, Guitar Hero, will be resurrected this autumn – ten years after the original game was released.

The newest addition to the Guitar Hero series, entitled Guitar Hero Live, has been developed by Freestyle Games and will combine the classic functionality of a guitar controller with new features such as a first-person point of view, (a never-before-seen feature) and a 24-hour music video network entitled GHTV.

Activision has called GHTV ‘the worl’d first playable music video network’, which will allow players to play along with real-time music videos and challenge other players of the same skill level across the world.


The biggest difference from previous Guitar Hero titles is the switch from third-person view to first-person. If the player makes a mistake, they will be glared at and mocked by their fellow on-screen band members, and the audience will boo loudly until the player raises their score.

So far, the exact number of songs that will be available on Guitar Hero Live is unavailable, but in a press release that came with the game’s announcement, it was said to be in the hundreds, and feature songs from artists such as The Black Keys, Green Day, My Chemical Romance and The Rolling Stones.

Guitar Hero Live will be available on Playstation 3 & 4, Xbox One and 360, Nintendo Wii and mobile devices and will cost around $99.99 (approx. €94)

Guitar Hero returns after five years

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