Pokémon Of The Week #3


Crobat, the Bat Pokémon and the evolved form of Golbat. Crobat sneaks up on its prey at night with its four wings that barely make a sound.

If you’re a Pokémon fan, then the odds that you encountered a Zubat or two on your journey. Or a Zubat or two hundred.

As the generic Pokémon who seemed to exist solely to annoy Trainers wandering through caves, Zubat was nothing but a hindrance to anyone who didn’t have the patience to catch one and raise it to Golbat, where it didn’t get that much better apart from bumped up stats. But then, starting in Gen 2’s Gold, Silver and Crystal, a Golbat that really loved its Trainer would evolve into the lightning-fast Crobat, a Pokémon that gained several notable qualities that make it very usable in battle. Its Speed, for one – Crobat is the fastest of all Poison-types and and one of the faster Pokémon overall. Then there’s its movepool – Crobat has access to support moves like Roost and Defog, both of which could see handy use in the metagame, and also powerful STAB moves such as the coveted Brave Bird, which, when coupled with Crobat’s speed, can devastate certain opponents (once you keep an eye on the recoil damage).

It’s not all fun and games for the purple bat, though. Every one of Crobat’s stats that isn’t named Speed is average at best, meaning that it needs to rely on its resistances to ensure it can take a few hits well, and it won’t be sweeping any teams by itself – Crobat needs support from teammates if you want it to really shine.

But don’t let that put you off using Crobat, though, as it does have plenty going for it. With a Speed stat that beats nearly every unboosted Pokémon in the game and one hell of a disruptive movepool, Crobat is proof that showing just one Zubat out of thousands a little bit of love can be an excellent move.

A good moveset for Crobat would be:

Ability: Infiltrator – bypasses Light Screen and Reflect, ignoring the defence boosts to the other team. Good Ability on something as quick as Crobat but very situational.

Item: Black Sludge – restores 1/8th of Crobat’s health every turn, which is useful when Crobat only has average bulk.


  • Brave Bird – Crobat’s most powerful Flying-type STAB. It will obliterate every Fighting-, Grass-, and Bug-type it comes across, but watch out for the recoil damage, as even with Black Sludge it can hamper Crobat’s progress.
  • Defog – removes entry hazards from the field and also boosts Crobat’s evasiveness. This comes in particularly handy when Stealth Rock has been laid down, as Stealth Rock can really put a dent in Crobatif it switches into it.
  • Roost – restores up to half of Crobat’s health. Very useful to get something back after running a few Brave Birds, especially with Black Sludge. Just make sure that Crobat is able to take the hits before it Roosts.
  • Toxic – badly poisons the opponent, draining its HP by a little more every turn. With Crobat’s Speed, it can easily switch in, poison, then switch back out again and desecrate teams that aren’t Steel-types.

Do you have a suggestion for everyone’s favourite bat Pokémon? Leave it below, and stop by next week for the next entry.


Pokémon Of The Week #3

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