Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn is at its End

Heavensward Releases June 2015

With the Oncoming Expansion to Final Fantasy 14 ‘Heavensward’ this could be the best time to get on-board and catch up on all the adventures Eorzea has to share there’s just been a tragic and serious turn in the plot with big changes happening that all feed into the expansions release in June.

With addition of new locations and classes Heavensward Will be continuing the excellent storytelling Final Fantasy is known for while the world grows and changes around you, the changes since my first visit to Eaorzea over a year ago has me shocked. The games world persists and grows with each new story element. in fact i’m not even to sure i should show you the opening movie for the new expansion as it has spoilers of tragedy. click after the Jump to check out the full opening introduction.

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Specific Link for FF14 ARR – Heavensward

TO check out the some of the New Areas Hop onto the video below


And for that Spoilerific Opening Cinematic of Heavensward


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