Angel of Death – X-men Apocalypse teasers continue

Angel Being one of the original X-men has a Long history in comicdom. From the original feathered teen we saw in first class to this cybernetic powerhouse Warren Worthington’s life is a long story with back tracks and wandering side plots and romance with some of the most stunning leading ladies of marveldom. Angel has a sense of in-corruptibility and the obvious angelic countenance of hope and peace but his addition here means one thing for sure, its very likely this Angel is ‘Archangel’ an incarnation of the character who with the assistance of Apocalypse, the main villain of this film, augments angels abilities either after a Serious injury or at Warrens request making him one of his horsemen.

How this version of Archangel eventually takes back his life and control from apocalypse we do not know but if Apoc lives beyond this movie hes got an enemy for eternity but who’s to know what plans they have in this movie continuity, what if they are already ‘dead’ and simply puppets?

I personally thought they had ‘Killed’ all the non reappearing cast between First class and DOFP but we shall see. There is always hope Banshee the Irish High flyer could make a return.

Who are the other Horsemen? What X-character would you like to see Augmented? Who would Make a Great War/Famine/Pestilence. Tell us Below.

Angel of Death – X-men Apocalypse teasers continue

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