Daredevil cometh… – Countdown to Marvel Netflix Series

Lets do a little free association

Daredevil….What do you think of?

Ben Affleck, Jennifer Garner, red leather and the Elektra movie with a general sense of unhappiness…yes?

Well its time to move on Marvelites there’s a New Daredevil launching tomorrow on Netflix and I’m looking forward to it. I have a neat little space in my hero watching since Agent Carter finished so this will do nicely.

Daredevil/Matt Murdock is the blind crime fighting lawyer/vigilante in red with horns and a billy club/grappling hook that’s it. that is all you need to know.

Seriously that’s it, that’s the depth of my analysis of the street busting, court wielding badass that is daredevil. If that doesn’t give you at least a curiosity check out of the first episode then you are dead inside or just to busy with tv already.

The minutae of what i love about what the trailers already show will be nothing but Spoiler territory.

Lets start with this…no red leather

Now the keen eyed Marvel tv fans of you might remember this costume

Yup that’s from the Trial of the hulk tv special
Marvel are being awesome to its long time fans with little references like this but it does have a striking resemblance to this costume

Implying a ‘Year one’ scenario and a ninja trained background to the character (we will get to ‘Stick‘ in another blog post). we know the black costume is the first costume of many and this would be typical of the old red devil.

he’s had almost as many looks as Hank Pym

SO what do you think? Is this one homage to many for marvel and you just want Matt in his red pajamas or looking forward to the many daredevil looks?

Do you think Danny Rand is just around the corner with the soon to be discussed ‘Heroes for hire’ and do any of you remember the time Danny was Daredevil?

See you in a few Days for ‘Blog without Fear’