Russo Bro’s official announced for Infinity Wars.


It’s been announced that Joe and Anthony Russo , directors of Captain America: Winter Soldier and Civil War, will direct The 3rd and 4th Avengers films, The Infinity Wars Part 1 and 2.

Rumors have been flying around since last year and following a report a few weeks ago an announcement seemed close. Finally, earlier today we got that announcement.

News of the Russo brothers coming aboard for the next two Avenger films will¬†¬†exciting for fans, as Winter Soldier has been proclaimed the “Terminator of superhero movies” by IGN, as well as going on to become one the highest grossing films of 2014. Winter Soldier was also the pairs MCU debut.

The pair won’t begin shooting the 2 parter Avengers: Infinity Wars until after they have completed the current Captain America film Civil War. They are preparing for production and Civil War is slated for release May 6th next year.

Avenger: Infinity Wars Part 1 is slated for release early May 2018. Meanwhile fans worldwide will be gearing up for the release of The Avengers: Age of Ultron which releases here in Ireland on April 23rd.


Russo Bro’s official announced for Infinity Wars.

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