Pokémon Of The Week #2


Slaking, the Lazy Pokémon and the evolved form of Vigoroth. Slaking is the world’s laziest Pokémon, however it can unleash terrifyingly powerful attacks with all of its strength with no warning.

In theory, Slaking is an absolutely incredible Pokémon – it’s got stats that rival or outclass certain legendaries, the speed and attack power to completely demolish certain Pokémon and a decent movepool to do so. Sounds perfect, doesn’t it? Well, sadly, it’s not all a basket or roses for Slaking, as this heavyweight is hampered by its Ability, Truant.

Truant is an ability that only allows Slaking to move every first turn. On every second turn, it does absolutely nothing and the message “Slaking is loafing around!” flashes up on the screen. Granted, Slaking is bulky enough by itself to survive a couple of turns of loafing around, and when it isn’t loafing around it hits like a truck, but this Ability has pushed Slaking out of regular competitive play into the realms of ‘gimmicky’ Pokémon. I’m not saying Slaking is completely unusable – there are certain strategies in Double and Triple battles that you can use to rid Slaking of Truant and use it to its full potential. But these take up valuable time, and you have to wonder if it’s worth using Slaking at all when there are Pokémon out there such as Mega Kangaskhan and Choice Band Tauros that can do what Slaking does without being hindered by one move every two turns.

A pretty standard moveset for Slaking is:

Ability: Truant

Item: Choice Band

  • Return – at maximum friendship, this is Slaking’s most powerful physical STAB. Seeing as only two types resist Slaking’s STAB and one is immune, Return will OHKO (one-hit knock out) pretty much anything that isn’t a Ghost, Rock or Steel-type.
  • Earthquake – provides good, strong coverage on most other types and also murders Steel-types that could give Slaking trouble.
  • Night Slash – with Slaking’s Attack power and the higher chance of a critical hit, Night Slash is another move that can give decent coverage and destroy most Psychic types due to their low defences, along with Ghost types who are immune to Slaking’s Normal-type STAB.
  • Retaliate – this is the key move for Slaking. It’s a move whose power is doubled if another Pokémon in your party has fainted in the previous turn. Given Slaking’s ability, this move can turn it into the ultimate revenge killer, decimating entire teams due to the double in power, the STAB boost and the boost from Choice Band….very few Pokémon could survive a hit like that.

An interesting option for Slaking is Giga Impact – since Slaking misses the turn that would be used to recharge because of Truant anyway, it could be a viable choice. While this is true, it also means that Slaking can’t switch out, which would leave it wide open to a well-placed Focus Blast that could destroy it. Think about this before you run it.

That’s all for this week! If you have a suggestion for next week’s entry, or a comment for this one, leave it below!


Pokémon Of The Week #2

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