You Should read this! – Life in Aggro

Some whimsical videogame comic adventure for you this week

If you’ve have ever played an MMO with friends its a common thing to either be the new guy or to welcome another newbie into your regular game. Now most of the time since its all new friends there’s plenty of slack given but this is beyond the call of duty ^_^

its fun to learn game mechanics from Retrying and its so nice to be welcomed into a team that will prod and assist your failures rather than lambaste them so we need more of this please I’m looking at you FF14 Duty finder…. -_- some real mean people on there, its a game… No need for the rage quit.

So about life in Aggro, The comics been going for the last 4/5 years and there’s an excellent archive to binge on 😛 GO get your webcomic fix for the week ill be back with a new Binge soon. to send you off to Enjoy here’s my personal favourite of recent ones ^_^




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