Aurora – Trailer Released

Stunning Sci-Fi by 22 Year old film-maker Robert Kouba the movie was Funded Via Kickstarter raising a budget of $50K You can check out more about it on

The Campaign featured this stunning Teaser trailer that gives you a bit more of an intro to the plot of Aurora,IN 2020 the super computer ‘KRONOS’ concludes humanity are a danger to the world around them so yet again a sentient A.I. threatens the very life on the planet it attempts to protect but i wont hold that against the film. there have been a fair share of technology fears lately but all it does is make me Excited to see the possibilities of the future if we don’t mistreat technology the way we treat everything else, Especially if it IS smarter than us then Taking its guidance and not ignoring its attempts to help might just save us all…

Bow to your robot overlords… Oh wait robot overlords? do you remember that? 0_0

Check that out in preparation 😛



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