Things we wish Pokémon would do

I love Pokémon, I always have done. Since the tender age of eight, nothing has made me happier than sitting down in front of my Gameboy/DS/3DS and wasting a few hours catching and battling and doing other things that Pokémon fans the world over know and love.

But, I will admit, Pokémon has its flaws. And I don’t mean tiny little insignificant things like “oh I bought LeafGreen but I can’t catch Growlithe, waaah”, I mean real, noticeable flaws that fans the world over will notice and agree with. 15 years of playing the games and watching the anime has gotten me well-accustomed to these flaws, but like a prominent mole on someone’s face, they’re hard to ignore.

  • Give Ash’s Mom a different Pokémon.


Poor Delia Ketchum used to be left in the house on her own all the time while Ash was off on his journey, so it was like a breath of fresh air when her beloved Mr. Mime, known affectionately as Mimey, made its debut in the episode It’s Mr. Mime Time!. Ash’s dad is quite obviously not in the picture, wherever he is,  so it was good for her to have someone to keep her company while her only son is travelling the world. But it’s been the same single Pokémon for most of the series, so would the creators not think of bringing in a Vulpix or a Glameow or something a little more pet-like to keep Mrs Ketchum company? I mean, look at Mr. Mime. It might be a sweet and loveable Pokémon to Mrs Ketchum, there’s still no denying the fact that every member of its species looks like a creepy old man in clown make-up.

  • Have Team Rocket pose a real threat.


Seriously, how do these three still even have jobs?! They’ve been trying to catch a single lousy Pikachu for nearly eighteen years and have failed every single time! in the early days of the Pokémon Black  & White anime, Team Rocket actually took their jobs seriously and caused real problems for Ash and friends…but then, halfway through, they went back to their old, bumbling ways and their nonsensical quest to catch Ash’s Pikachu. For crying out loud, how many legendaries have these three seen and never bothered to try catching? They’re pathetic. They need to be given decent Pokémon and a better atitude so they can actually be a thorn in Ash’s side, rather than a daily annoyance.

  • Bring back Gary Oak as Ash’s rival.


Sorely missed are the days when Gary was always about twenty steps ahead of Ash, degrading him at every turn. At the end of the Johto saga, after losing to Ash in the quarter finals of the Silver Conference, Gary chose to quit being a Pokémon Trainer and follow in his grandfather’s footsteps to become a Pokémon researcher. While this signified a significant development in both character’s development, we can’t help but miss the days when Ash and Gary would duke it out to prove who was the best Trainer in Pallet town. If Gary were to re-emerge into the spotlight, with a brand new team at his side and a challenge to Ash on his lips, it would bring a breath of nostalgia back into the series and have all of our inner children screaming in excitement at the memories.

Did I miss something out? If you think there’s something that the Pokémon franchise needs to update itself with, leave a comment!


Things we wish Pokémon would do

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