JJ Abrams already has proven star wars credentials.

Yes, you read the title right. JJ has already proven himself as the perfect director for Star Wars.
I was sitting watching Star Wars “Into Darkness”… Wait that’s not right… It’s close, but considering everything,  the second entry into JJ’s Star Trek universe is for all intents and purposes a Star Wars film.

It’s high octane action is more akin to what we expect from Star Wars and certainly not from Star Trek. In its cast of characters,  certainly Chris Pine’s James Tiberius Kirk and Benedict Cumberbatch’s Khan definitely have comparables in Star Wars. Jim Kirk, in his arrogance and ability is what we should’ve seen from Hayden “puppet” Christiansen’s Anakin Skywalker. Khan is hopefully what we can expect from Jedi and Sith Warrior’s.  Incredible skill, arrogance,  assured and willing to do whatever it takes. In comparison to the films we currently have, he is easily a Sith Lord.

In fact I think Cumberbatch would make a fantastic Sith Lord.

Chris Pine, however,  I don’t think would transfer.  That’s saying nothing of Chris Pine as an actor, I think he is a good Kirk,  but he’s not really Kirk. Bill Shatner will always be the only Kirk worth acknowledging.

So, judging from Into Darkness and the first Star Wars… Sorry, I did it again,  Star Trek, we can expect some incredible fight scenes,  the best Jedi and Sith psychological warfare and the best character development that we’ve seen since the original trilogy.

Personally, once again I am hugely excited for a film, it’s something that you’ll come accustomed too.

What are your opinions?  I know this topic is old, but it really only just struck me  now. Do you think JJ will do as good a job as I do?

Let us know down below!


JJ Abrams already has proven star wars credentials.

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