Mortal Kombat x – Audio Swap perfection


I love me some system of a down but the MKX Tv spot was screaming out for the old theme tune so of course a redditor came to our ears prayers

‘Read More…’ to check out more of the gameplay



MKX is a real treat, i loved the first back in its day but i fell out of love with the series by MK3, Mostly due to run+Combo system.
MK9 had me gripped i was super pleased to play through such a long and enjoyible storyline covering a stunning rewrite of everything up to now. This fresh start has a lot of promise if they can deliver a narrative as engaging as the last.

No I’m serious,Aside from the gore and violence of the game I’m hoping  to care about these people before they end impaled on the pointiest end of whatever weapon i have at hand.

I mean If thats all you want….How about this instead

NSFW – All the fatalities shown so far



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