Game Theorists -Reality Check #1 – RainbowSix SIEGE

Rainbow Size siege blew my socks off in their very choreographed game-play demo’s but even with the simplification gaming makes of life or death situations and the perils and skill needed to do what S.W.A.T. do.

What happens when your idea of gaming comes to face reality hard. MatPat and the Game Theorists have created the show that will explore the frail limitations f our human bodies and teach us more about the games we play.
Follow the series and follow the channel

What would you like to try for real?

I’d like to try everything in PilotWings myself, Wait, you don’t rememeber pilotwings? philistine…. Its a classic!

Comment with what you’d like to get a reality check on

Game Theorists -Reality Check #1 – RainbowSix SIEGE

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