Kevin Smith Bio Pic Trailer – Shooting Clerks


Did you know about this? Are you of the age that Kevin smith is just a thing you pay attention to?

If you Didn’t and you aren’t This might just pass you by but like me you’ve already heard all the anecdotes and stories but think this would round of Clerks really well, check out the trailer and read more about it below.

Shooting Clerks is a movie made with love for the 90’s and for Saint Kev the big man who no plan ^_^ Clerks was a formative film for me and a lot of people around me so i have a special little place for it and for Kevin smith always and hearing all the stories over the commentaries and Q&A’s etc. makes me think i know this story already but I’m looking forward to being informed so I hope these guys got it right :P.

Its Odd to think about the roughness of the original Clerks with the Smooth Black and white of this film. I know it’ll tug on my nostalgia strings and possibly disappoint but i am definitely not the right person to judge

So Kick back relax and watch a piece of indie darling history. Watch how Kevin Smith became Silent Bob and how we learned to Love like a truck, BERZERKER!




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