Lost partially explained


Former Lost writer and producer, Javier Grillo Marxuach has written an essay regarding thestructure and creation of Lost.

He goes into such  topics as the planned death of Jack within the first hour of the show, as well as the mixture of J.J Abram’s mystery box style and Damon Lindelof wanting to at least partially answer questions before peppering the audience with new one’s.

To me it sounds as if it was, as many have been asserting, Lost was created with no idea where to go and the showrunners Abram’s and Carlton Cuse, as well as the writers and producers figuratively and liberally pulled ideas out of there asses.

Then again that’s just my opinion, if you want to know more check out:


Or the complete essay at:


Do you agree, disagree, not know what to think (As was generally the case with Lost anyway), let us know in the comments below!


Lost partially explained

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