Holy cow batman, did you say Gameboy?


This huge collection of Gameboys was just posted on reddit and I think I may just have died and gone to heaven.

We all remember well our Gameboy days and Im sure some of us out there, like this lucky user,  is still creating new memories.

Just thinking back gives me the shivers. Be it back to the original Polemic games, a nostalgia that can be reclaimed through emulators and on the Web (playr.org), it’s not quite the same as playing it on your gorgeous Gameboy nearly 20 years ago.

Of course pokemon wasn’t the only great game or series of games for Gameboy.

I remember too, paperboy, a game where you got points for hitting and breaking peoples windows, if I recall correctly,  one of the most terrifying childhood experiences of mine was the time the dog started chasing me and finally caught me..

Do you remember much from the Gameboy years? Any favourite games or games you hated, but now love just because they are Gameboy?

Let us know in the comments down below!

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Holy cow batman, did you say Gameboy?

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