Dragon Age Inquisition- First Impression


Right, so even though this game has been on the market since before Christmas, I have only now gotten a hold of it. I a couple of days I will do a full review, ya now, once I get a chance to play through 40-50 hours or it. For now, I’ll give you my few first impressions.

Having played a little over ten hours of the game (About 2/3 areas) I can report some visual beauty, some highly addictive and frustrating areas of game-play and quite a few updates.

Firstly, BioWare has very much gone down the Elder Scrolls route in its latest outing to Thedas, introducing a much more open world and the ability to fast travel with in areas, as well as the ability to fashion your own armors, weapons and potions ( though the later was always a big part of the game, depending on how you played).

In terms of story, you are thrust into the role of ‘The Inquisitor’ an unknown entity who has to grow to lead the revitalization of the Inquisition, an institution that has been disbanded for centuries.

Your main goal it seems, throughout the game, is to close rifts between the real world and the Fade; the land of dreams.

Visually, everything looks stunning. From the first moment of the game, a huge explosion, to the first full area you get to explore, Haven ( an area that will be familiar to gamer’s who played Dragon Age: Origins) I was blown away by the detail, the scale and pretty much everything that BioWare has put into this game.

There are a few characters in the first little bit of the game and I assume throughout (It is BioWare after all) that people will recognize from the first two outings. Especially Varric and Cassandra (Dragon Age 2) and Liliana (Origins). I’m hoping for a tear filled meeting with Morrigan or Isabella at some point in the future.

Overall, for the first ten or so hours that I have played I cannot really fault what I have seen. New enemies ( for those who remember Dragon Age 2, Inquisition is played out in the middle of the War that Anders kicked off towards the end of 2.) Fighting the likes of Templar’s, Mage’s and of course, considering the main angle of the story, a multitude of demon’s, wraith’s and shades.

Honestly I cannot wait to break further into this game, so far I have yet to be truly disappointed.

From a massive Dragon Age/BioWare in general fan boy


Dragon Age Inquisition- First Impression

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