Dolce La DekaVita7

DekaVita 7 Comparison Shot

The DekaVita is obviously a non licensed 3rd party peripheral but its one with alot going for it. More so than its intended device.

The Screen size is wonderfully big and the quality you can get from the IPS screen isn’t something to sniff at so it at least Rivals the WiiU and PS Vita screens and with its 5 hour playtime i wouldn’t be to upset about power loss. my main concern would be ability to Sleep mode or idle the device for reasonable periods and also an ability to charge Batteries outside of the case for spares if needed

i do think this device has legs well beyond the Ps Vita though. with its USB connector and hdmi port it pretty much is a Controller/Screen for pc gaming maybe via a Raspberry pi or a possible External monitor for shooting video, with its own internal battery the usb controller input i wouldn’t be surprised if i saw this in someone’s frugal camera control set-up in the future. Maybe for drones?~

the size would also lend a level of comfort that the ps vita can lack on the wrists as well as the avoidance of never ending fear of touching the back panel at the wrong moment on some games.

for a JPY24,000 price tag, I’m not put off by this device at all i really would like to try it out.


– Derm ‘Delhi Belly’ McG


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