Super Mario 64 in HD Via Unity

Super Mario 64 HD

elive the N64 Joy of Mario 64 in HD by Royston Ross. i highly recommend you check out the source files for this as well as play it, the faithful representation of the first world in mario 64  has a nice ‘feel’ it comes across as a faithful reiteration in the controls. my last experience of M64 was on the DS and i probably would play it again if Royston made the rest of the game but alas this is a proof of concept project and is Given as is without any intended continuation.

It does make me want to go demand some Nintendo PC ports. they are welcoming themselves into them obile market and are intending to start loosening the grip on thier first party characters. What do you wanna see next?

Personally A Kirby’s Dream Land UbiArt remake would be quite Cool. what do you think?

– Derm (DelhiBelly) McG





Well hope you got it while you wanted it cause its gone now. Nintendo’s Take-down is typical of the companies protection of their characters but still super disappointing.


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