Sony: PS TV Now £45

That’s all the news PS VITA TV is now £45 but do you actually want it?

I’m sure you know nothing about this but for your information, i am soothsayer of Sony, i can predict the next move they make LONG before they think it themselves. Back on launch week of the PS Vita TV i commented on the Price line of the PStv being its greatest downfall as a console considering it came with no real internal memory or even a controller.
If Sony had thought it through this price line might have not caused an absolute dearth of sales at launch by simply packaging in a pad and memory card for the original price but alas they did not maybe they had larger issues to resolve over in the PS4 division because the ps TV does have problems.

The Ps TV is designed as a set top box by Sony for its PSP and PS Vita generation of consoles. allowing you to play each of them via a HDMI into your tv and with full controller support on Dual shock 3/4 controllers as well as allowing you to remote play your ps4 console from another room in your house.

Allowing PSP and PS Vita Games to be played (albeit Digitally) from your old library on tv Absolves sony, in my eye at least, of the lack of backwards compatibility on the ps4. This device was meant to bridge the gaps in the home from the living room to your play space be it in your pocket or another room of your house,

while providing for those who need continued enjoyment of older titles in their PSN library. The PsTv along with its Media Apps i consider it superior to devices like Android Stream boxes and AppleTV’s except for some its serious dealbreaking flaws


– its lack of compatibility across the PS Vita library. Ignoring the dual touch screens on the Vita, So instead of patching controls they simply do not run on the PS TV

-Mandatory HDCP Protection preventing video recording.

-Localised APP and games libraries as well as the ps vita’s one device one account system locking UK users from crunchyroll and Netflix even if they have USA/Asia accounts

Sony you have Failed with the PS TV, but it was an admirable try, maybe if you fix some of the above issues ill check back when the Vita Tv is on clearance sale

– Derm ‘Delhi Belly’ McG


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