Hugh Jackman GONE?!?

So X-men fans,

According to IGN and his own personal Instagram,  Hugh Jackman will hang up the adamantium after the next Wolverine film.

Wolverine 3 will see Jackman reunited with James Mangold, the director of “The Wolverine”. People, including myself, will be extremely disappointed to hear this news as there were rumors of Jackman making appearance’s in X-men: Apocalypse (Duh) as well as The Gambit movie and Deadpool.

Is this one of the last times that we will see Hugh Jackman sporting the Logan look?


For more, Check out

What do you think? Will Jackman stick to this or will play Wolverine until he dies?

Let us know what you think in the comments section below.


Hugh Jackman GONE?!?

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