Room for a light improvement?…/26875/how-did-duck-hunt-gun-work

Nintendo Zapper the most accurate Light-gun of its era?

Nintendos lightgun was less of a revolution but more of an innovation in controls, now that we have had the wii and wii-u pads who questions Nintendo’s little weird controller fascinations, from the 3 pronged N64 devil to the awkwardly placed c stick on the gamecube Nintendo has been playing with our dexterous digits like a demented fingertrap inventor For years.

Nintendos blaster was more accurate than many of its succsessors and why was that. Let mental floss take you through a quick explanation and have its magic ruined or stay here to learn how to cheat at duck hunt.

If you read Mentalfloss you’ll know the light gun works by looking for light intensity on screen when it flashes black momentarily with a hit box for the object so to always hit the duck, try this.
Sawn off Magnification

place a magnifying glass in front of the gun and hold the gun a couple feet back from the tv and fire whenever you see a duck Aiming directly through the center of the magnifying glass and to the center of the tv works the best. But remember modern TVs LCD/PLasma etc usually don’t work due to their differences from old CRT screens.

– Derm (DelhiBelly) McGuigan

Room for a light improvement?

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